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Do you feel performance is a daily puzzle, that you are getting busier and busier yet are unsure of what really works?


Do you worry that you are running out of time or feel you have more performance to give but are not sure how to get there?


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Uncovering, connecting and aligning you and your team to higher performance. 

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I am driven by seeing people achieve their potential faster and lighter. 


I work with individuals, teams and leaders in high performance and Olympic sport to align actions with what matters to performance.  Achieve more simplified and more meaningfully. 

I have 30 years experience in performance alignment.   Personal experience across 9 Olympics in multiple roles (athlete, coach, scientist, leader) including innovation and performance reviews.


I have a PhD and later targeted research to the differences between medalists and non-medalists, their coaches, supporters and leaders. 


I understand how to simplify the 'performance problem' and impact the performance-solution.

- Richard Young PhD

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A powerful process facilitated expertly

“Well my 12 weeks with Richard has come to an end. I would like to express my extreme gratitude to you both for supporting me through this valuable process. A bit of unknown coming into the workshops but have come out the other end in a great place. 

The 12 weeks we spent together enabled myself to use an inward lens on my thoughts, my behaviours and coaching ideals. A powerful process facilitated expertly, which re confirmed my value and inspired myself to stand tall for what I believe, understand my growth areas but excel in areas of strength which are so much clearer. Performance leverage which drives higher performance – love it!! Thank you for the much-appreciated opportunity!

National Rugby Coach


Most problems in sport are addition problems that require a subtraction solution!