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Do No Harm

Rant coming 👀

Doing no harm.

Experts know how to reduce and keep life simple so they can perform.

A few facts:

1- High performers are not workaholics.

2- New performers are often given an unhelpful frame that something is wrong that they need to fix. Or they need to do more to perform. It is a cumulative health and wellness burden! And new performers, athletes, artists, employees are buckling under the weight.

3- Some new performers and some leaders see performance as a KPI. A medal. All or nothing.

As leaders, managers and coaches we can help new performers learn to think and reflect deeper, much deeper. We can role model this. So fixing and motion are not confused with progress.

Performance is not 1mm deep and 2 km wide. Fast, light, shallow , more and move on. Performance is deep work and deep thinking.

Are you helping to reduce or it is easier and faster to add more, fix more and get busy!

What are you role-modelling?


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