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Experts Add, Performers Add & Subtract

There are two types of experts: experts in knowledge and experts in performance.

Both have developed their expertise through accumulation. The persistent and deliberate addition of knowledge and experience. Effective performance requires both addition and subtraction. Adding new knowledge and behaviours that facilitate performance and removing knowledge and behaviours that detract from performance.

Experts add; successful performers add and subtract.

The successful performers have learned the art of addition and subtraction through trial and error. They are effective (they know what to add) and efficient (they know what to subtract). 

Helping performers add and subtract is a key skill of all great coaches. The exemplary performers know how to lighten the load of their accumulated expertise. They have learned to dynamically add and subtract. They create new techniques and efficiencies exactly when needed.

Great coaches have an expert eye for this balance. A great coach instills a level of self-awareness. This is critical to producing both effectiveness and efficiency. The accumulation of skilled effectiveness comes first. Once maximised the balance of efficiency leads the expert towards exemplary performance. This is the success formula in all performance.

How well do you and your team build effectiveness and efficiency through addition and subtraction?

Inspired by a recent 'Performance' conversation with “Transforming Performance Measurement” author Dean Spitzer, Ph.D.


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