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Finding High Performance Rhythm

We have rhythm in our house. We sing, play and busk. My kids are getting good at it. I am learning. They are finding their voice and their rhythm.

I heard an interview with the great Blues guitarist BB King. He was asked for his favourite song. Then he was asked for his favourite guitar riff/solo. Then his favourite chord. He had his answers, but when asked for his favourite note he paused for a while…‘Music ain’t notes man, it’s the space between the notes. That’s the music’. Then he played. And the space between the notes stood out more clearly than ever.

In high performance there is often not a lot of space between the notes. Sometimes the timing feels like the fast 240 beats per minute before an event. Space is hidden. Then when we have a chance to operate at 20 beats after the event or in recovery but we often look for ways to fill the space.

If high performance was music we would deliberately pay more attention to space. It is a rhythm like training. You can almost see the rhythm in the team or organisation. It is like the time lapse videos over top of intersections and when played fast forward it is a rhythmic dance getting through the lights without crashing. A rhythm we don’t notice.

Your high performance rhythm is playing to you everyday. It is the actions and words you offer to the world each day. Sometimes we are too busy to hear the rhythm. Are we on beat, too fast, missing a beat or out of tune? You can feel when your rhythm is off. Maybe you only know some of your rhythm and not the whole song. The high performers know the whole song and where they fit best.

And when you find your rhythm performance opens up. Playing in a band (support staff, team) then becomes a new world. If you are best at guitar don’t sit at the drums. That’s not your rhythm. Know your rhythm and where your best rhythm comes from. Then you know how to enhance and connect with the rhythm of those around you.

Now you have leverage. Your rhythm can create a harmony with the people and the system around you.

In high performance, that is the song that goes platinum!


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