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High performance is more art than science

Performance is more art than science. All performance is communication to others. Knowledge experts know what. Performance experts know how. They both develop in a different way.

A high performer in flow (smooth, clear, deep, effective, natural) is connecting to us at a deeper level. We notice the difference between that and a person trying hard.

They are not thinking their way through it. They are embodying instant creativity. It is mesmerising when we experience it and it is mesmerising when we witness it. You remember these performances!

Knowledge alone will not give them this deep creative performance intelligence. Try learning to swim on you-tube then jump in the pool and see how you go.

They have accumulated the right experience with the right meaning. They have learned how to deliver exactly what is needed at the right time.

This is a learned skill! To perform requires the communication art leading the science. Do you have the right balance?


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