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High performers act. Low performers ruminate

Do you remember the story about kidergarten kids competing with Harvard MBAs. The task was to assemble the tallest structure they could. They had a time limit, uncooked spaghetti sticks, strings, tape, and a marshmallow for the top.

The competition started. The grad students were serious. They analysed the problem, discussed options, speculated, planning in advance. The argued about who was the leader, they explored many what-ifs.

The kids got to work. They tried one way, no luck, stability. Another way no luck, balance. They tried another, too low. And another.

The MBAs were falling apart. The kids kept trying. They got in more tries than the MBAs, and made a lot more mistakes. But they were fast and learned by action.

The knowledge-experts focus on what-if's. The performance experts focus on the actions and how.

The kids were the high performers. High performers know how to win the short game and the long game.


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