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High Performers live in the gap!

I work on performance strategies and pre-views (getting ready for the big event). I work with Olympic Teams to help develop the plan to achieve their high ambitions over the next 6-8 years.

The room of expertise always contains 100s of years of inspiring performance experience!

We know the experts know what to do. We know the performers know how to do it. And the difference is being very clear on what we don’t do and why: the no!

The ambiguity is due to the focus being on what we will do better, what we will add and what we will do more efficiently.

The leverage is in the No! What we don’t do and why.

Being able to identify the No deepens the Yes! Performance sport is a life in ambiguity. It is not 80/20 but as Cameron Schwab says (former ARL CEO and Leadership guru) life in high performance is 49/51.

The clearer the gap between the yes and the no the clearer are the decisions to make. And the messages to communicate.

Computers are effective because they are binary. A computer that only had ‘0’ and no ‘1’ would not be much help to us. And when there is an option to blend and not be only ‘1’ or ‘0’ we have insight into the ambiguity space of high performance. The competitive advantage.

The highest performers are clear on the Yes and the No. They deepen their understanding of the space between. There is performance magic in that space!

How clear are you?


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