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Learning from Loss

The Secret: High performance is a symptom of simplicity and wellbeing:

Learning from Loss

My kids were reading The Never-ending Story. And came across ‘Nothing is lost….everything is transformed’.

Loss can be heartbreaking, disappointing and transforming. Loss can pull us into darkness. But life, like sport, is not all about winning. It is often living with loss.

There can be light loss (disappointment) and deep loss (grief). For every loss we are standing at a choice about the truth of the event. Dishonour and resist, or honour and transform.

High Performers are creators. They don’t resist, ruminate or ‘go to war with themselves’. They create by spotting the deeper message inside loss; the never-ending story.

Loss creates a gap, an emptiness that nature will always fill. We can choose to ‘shut the door’ or create a light touch and a kind 'welcome'.

What do you chose?


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