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Simplicity and Wellbeing

The connection of simplicity and wellbeing is explored in an investigation into the impact of less consumerism and materialism (qualities of simplicity) on wellbeing in this interesting research article.

The researchers found that all responders experienced increased wellbeing with a simplicity approach. The research targets minimalism which has many levels and versions. But the philosophy behind it is one of simplicity: knowing and doing what matters most. The challenge we face daily in high performance sport.

What did all responders say improved with simplicity …”Autonomy (freedom/liberation, aligning with values, authenticity); Competence (feeling in control of environment, less stress and anxiety); Mental Space (saving mental energy, internal reflecting external); Awareness (reflection, mindfulness, savouring); and Positive Emotions (joy, peacefulness)”.

One leader I worked with pointed out the ‘lack of space in my environment to think and recharge, everything is important’. Strategic simplification created space and lifted performance.

High performance is a symptom of simplicity and wellbeing. Is your environment optimised to perform highly.


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