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Tactics + Transformation

The best businesses are like high performing sports. They are tactical (finish the job, easy) plus transformational (change the job, harder).

Crises are answered with transformational thinking-for-action to solve root cause challenges and scenarios.

When looking for transformation the best will tap into their high performers. And, as in this article target:

a) Ambition with a high bar (i.e. new world record)

b) Simple decisive steering system (we do this (A), not this (B), because….)

c) Target high performers (experts can synthesise and see opportunity quickly in crisis)

d) Lift speed to action (adapters thrive through speed to action)

e) No solos/silos in thinking, (there is untapped inhouse creative power in teams)

Like an athlete, high performers focus on preparing for a big event. And when it arrives they are prepared to deliver.


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