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The Basics

‘Get the basics right’. How often is that heard? How often do you then hear; ‘and the basics are….’? Rarely.

What are the basics to high performance in your world? You can likely identify a high performer but are you clear on what they do that is different?

It won’t be characteristics and attributes so a personality test won’t help. It won’t be their kpi’s; many can meet kpi’s without stepping up.

It is bigger. A synthesis they have of their world and the problems and priorities in it. They know their ‘basics’. They will make the right decisions more often than others. They read the situation and know the next step. This is a learned skill.

The decision to go for high performance is a process decision. It is not about winning the medal. It is not about grinding people down. There is a high, in high performance.

It is a decision for continuous improvement. High performers win and lose. The high performance process grows people and grows systems. That always wins.


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