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The full-self super-power

The highest performer has learned to accept who they are. High performance is the basics made visible and dropped or mastered. And this means all basics, good, bad, helpful and not. You know you have mastered something when it begins to create high leverage in your life.

High performers acknowledge it then use it drop it. There is no time to fix everything. Fixing is the greatest blocker to the high potential performer. The High performing performer is not a fixer. They look for the high leverage.

We are a web of contrasts and sometimes we are on the dark side and sometimes we are on the light side. High performers are not immune or super-human they are very-human. They have limitations, make mistakes, and move forward. They know performance is about communicating their whole self.

And when we help a new performer learn to acknowledge their full self, they can begin to communicate their best self! And they are on their way to high performance.

The high performers full self is their super power!


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