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The high performance magic in the middle

The illustration is showing the known priorities of high performers. The Y-axis could be "distractions", "busy-ness", "energy-cost", "unknowns". High performers have learned what matters for fewer distractions and more focus!

But high performance is context. Everyone has a middle of averageness! Where is your average? High performers know their middle! Focusing only on the top we miss the leverage in the middle. Untapped talents and opportunities are here. These are pointers!

When you do the math, you notice how shifting the middle is greater bang for buck than polishing the top! The middle is in everyone and is holding back the top end.

Look at your team or organisation!

High performers know the middle! They understand their full colour palette. They have awareness. There are no 'unknown knowables'....they have done the work.

High performance is about leverage. Where is yours?


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