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The High Performers colour palette

When we are strength based we work with what we have. How powerful is that?

Coming to the edge and finding we can pass through and work with what we have is empowerment!

When we focus on fixing weakness we are missing a high performance difference maker. The human palette is a rich colour wheel of strengths and weaknesses. A weakness is pointer to a strength.

In high performance sport there is no time to fix everything. The event is coming soon. The athlete may only have 4-8 years in the game. Fixing is wheel spinning. High performers are getting on with the action. The find the hidden strength and make it happen!

When we get into fixing weaknesses we are spinning wheels. We then see problems and fixes all around us! We miss a lot of the colour of the human palette. High performers reframe and use their full colour wheel to lift their game. How many colours are you using?


Come to the next free webinar on high performance difference makers:

Feb 2021 is the start of the High Performance Difference Makers Master Class.


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