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The key question in High Performance

A high performer is a high performing learner.

That is the backstage to their ‘frontstage’ performance.

The best high performers have all learned to become great learners. They may not have arrived that way but the best always end up that way!

Learning requires reflection and evidence.

A multi-Olympic medallist coach from France I know told me; 'an athlete who can't reflect is an an athlete who can't win'.

And knowing what to reflect on is the difference between reflection and rumination. Our brain likes rumination but can be a long unproductive rabbit hole.

Rumination is wheel spinning.

It is story telling looking for meaning and reasons why.

'What' is the main question. What do we do for the next event? Reflection is productive and forward facing (sounds an error in logic (!)).

Productive reflection needs enough evidence only to inform decisions for the future.

'What' beats 'Why' in high performance.

What question are you asking?


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