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Reviews for Simplify

A gold mine about high performance

“Wow!  What a great book!!  Richard Young’s book, Simplify, is a gold-mine of insights about high performance. Based on his extensive and successful experience as an athlete, coach, and performance improvement expert Richard shares so many important secrets of success in such a clear and practical way.  


As I read the book, I kept filling up pages with notes that I will refer to often. Richard explains that too many performers complicate performance, thinking that adding techniques will improve performance, when it most often detracts from high performance!  Those who truly understand, and have confidence in their system will eliminate (subtract) non-essentials, and thereby streamline performance.


If you want to become better at whatever you do, and want to help others do likewise, then Simplify is a must-read and a must-use book.  "

Dr. Dean R. Spitzer, International expert on performance measurement, author of 8 books including bestseller “Transforming Performance Measurement”

Captures how the best can achieve world-class results

“Richard had me from the opening sentence and it simply grew from there. In our work in broadcasting and analytical graphics I am often at many of the great events in the world (PGA golf, Americas Cup, Formula1, International cricket, Major league baseball etc.)  


My company Animation Research analyses high performance on the world stage and the insights within the book Simplify captures so succinctly how the best can achieve world class results.  To have a book pull these insights together is a competitive advantage for both performers and equally to business. When you decide that you are going to play on the world stage then it is a given that you need to surround yourself with a world class system and world class people who share that vision and see no limits.


Richard has captured what that means superbly and how this can be actioned and achieved to make the complex simple and let the results look after themselves.  Read Simplify for your performance advantage in sport, business and life!


Sir Ian Taylor, Emmy award winning sport animation and broadcasting, MD Animation Research Ltd. 

Enthralling & insightful

“Having spent 27 years in Olympic level sport and knowing first-hand how complex this environment is, I read with much interest. Simplify is a fantastic reference book, both enthralling and insightful. It really brings high value for those aspiring for higher performance.  


Richard has skills, experience and this human dimension that makes him unique in our industry.  He has deeply simplified the complexity of high performance matters to uncover the core principles we can use in our work as leaders and performers. His book is a must read for anyone aiming for higher performance through concrete elements and experiences. Richard lays out a map across nine key principles to help us simplify and understand the opportunities in front of us and lift the game!  


Read this book for immediate value to your world, challenges and objectives."

Jean-Laurent Bourquin, CEO AdviSport,

Geneva, Switzerland

A stimulating read for meaningful action

“Simplify” is a crucial read for those working in High Performance and Leadership.  Richard has brilliantly captured so succinctly what it takes to achieve mastery at the highest level in both sport and life.  So many insightful take outs; a focus on improvement rather than winning, uncovering strengths rather than fixing weaknesses, finetuning the system through subtraction not addition and relentlessly reflecting.


Effective questions throughout the text help to frame concepts of individual and team competitive advantage. A stimulating read that provokes meaningful action along the pathway to exceptional performance."

Katie Sadleir

GM Womens Rugby, World Rugby

Such a timely book...

“Such a timely book for the world following 18 months of disruption where many routines have had to adapt and overcome in a new environment.  This book breaks down performance in a simple way and provides tools to re-examine your performance principles and either design a new system or redesign an existing system. A must read for any high-performance players”

- Danny Klima, Director

Simplify is a must read

“I have had the good fortune of knowing Richard for close to 20 years. I always thought I was pretty good at keeping things simple and then I met Richard - it was pretty clear that I was the novice and Richard was the expert.


Richard, through his book, Simplify, has done it again. His insights have provided a guiding light on a couple of areas that have been puzzling us at the Padres. It has enabled us to sharpen our thinking, remove clutter and adapt our system to provide us with a greater chance of success.  


Like me, if you are serious about taking your game to another level, then
‘Simplify’ is a must read.

Don Tricker, Director Player Health and Performance
San Diego Padres

Uncover your performance advantage!

“High Performance is often a misunderstood term. In my experience those that have the ability to Simplify its meaning and then adapt gives you the direction to focus on where you make the most effective and sustainable gains. Simplify assists you with this critical process.  Read Simplify to uncover your performance advantage!”

Mike Hesson, Director of Cricket Royal Challengers Bangalore (Indian Premier League)
Former Blackcaps Coach 2012-2018

Find your highest performing self

“Richard understands the keys to performance and shows us how the basics must be clear before any real high performance can be achieved.  Simplify is an incredible guide to performance leadership: leading your system and leading performance in you and others. 


Simplify will help you build deep belief and confidence in your action.  Read Simplify to find your highest performing self.”

Tanya Dubnicoff 

3 x Olympian, World Champion and Olympic Coach

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