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Performance Systems that work

Richard simplifies performance systems and makes it actionable.


As the world rapidly changes high performance is changing too.  Those who react will be late, those who respond will be near the front, but those who create will win.


A new high performance system is your competitive advantage to future proof your game.  As James Clear said; ‘we do not rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems’. Organisations that have optimised their performance system will adapt and respond better than the rest to any future.


Your performance system is your true competitive advantage…you will out perform and outlast your competition.


New high performance is systemic: lighter, faster and more meaningful.  More medals, better medals.


Richard Richard works with leaders and experts to shape, shift, optimise and align performance systems.

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Are these problems familiar?

We are churning and burning through some great people

Blind spots are holding us back, but what are they?

Our performance system is unclear

Our performance and relationships are oscillating more than ever

It gets busier and busier and more gets added everyday.

We use the word 'wellbeing' but it is not systemic around here

Choose how you want to Breakthrough!

All programmes are international and online. Get in touch below to enquire about my programmes.

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You will see the reality of your current approach and then we will uncover and unblock a path that is simpler, faster, and more meaningful.


2 or 3 months of individual mentoring - weekly or biweekly.

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Learn in a powerful cohort.  Up the skills in all the tools you need to implement sustained performance  in your world.  Action will be embedded in your world!

3 x 8 week Series spread over 8 months.

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Use these workshops to explore and understand the Breakthrough concepts and learn how to implement these in your world.

1/2day or full day workshops.

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For your conferences or summits I offer keynote sessions across a range of titles based on my experience and research across multiple Olympic cycles. 

Topics include:

  • The learned habits of repeat medallists.

  • The system behind sustained performance.

  • High Performing Teams.

  • Anti-fragility in action (the quiet advantage)

A powerful process facilitated expertly

 A powerful process facilitated expertly, our system is much clearer and simpler.   We have performance leverage which drives my teams' higher performance – love it!!   Thank you for this amazing leadership programme!

National Rugby Coach


Get in touch

Fill out the form to enquire about our individual and team performance coaching opportunities.

Growth of expertise requires more.

Performance improvement requires less.

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