Performance Programmes

Most I work with feel they have either plateaued, or they know there is room to lift but not sure how. You will know how.  

Is performance too busy?

Is it harder to say no to opportunities?

You may have an addition problem requiring a subtraction solution?

You will learn the insights from what outstanding performers have learned. Utilising experience and research from innovation and learning you will see how to get to your own podium whatever context that is in.

More meaningful achievements; faster and lighter.

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You, or your team, may have one of these challenges...

We may have plateaued, but there is room to lift.

We need to be clear on the real performance value in what we do.

It is complicated. Simplifying would help lift our game.

The team is not yet high-performing

It gets busier and busier and more gets added everyday.

We are learning as fast as we can but it is time to refresh and realign.

Online delivery

All programmes are international and online. Get in touch below to enquire about our programmes.

Group Workshop

4 different topics depending on the group.  Discussion of key behaviours, learning and performance quadrants from data across multiple Olympics and organisations. 


We connect and explore current practice in your environment. 

Individual Coaching

Mapping and actioning individual values, unique strengths, special expertise, and priority performance quadrants.


You will see the reality of your current approach and then we will uncover and unblock a path that is simpler, faster, and more meaningful.

Team Training

An exploration of current individual and team performance, covering values, energy-spend and performance quadrants.


The Team will connect, uncover, and unblock their current performance path.  They will collectively align, simplify and accelerate their team performance.  

Performance Review

Thorough and rapid mapping of current work practice, priorities, and results for teams and organisations.


Online interviews and pattern assessment for the insights and opportunities from your current performance reality.


A review to inform decision making for higher performance.

A powerful process facilitated expertly

“Well my 12 weeks with Richard has come to an end. I would like to express my extreme gratitude to you both for supporting me through this valuable process. A bit of unknown coming into the workshops but have come out the other end in a great place. 

The 12 weeks we spent together enabled myself to use an inward lens on my thoughts, my behaviours and coaching ideals. A powerful process facilitated expertly, which re confirmed my value and inspired myself to stand tall for what I believe, understand my growth areas but excel in areas of strength which are so much clearer. Performance leverage which drives higher performance – love it!! Thank you for the much-appreciated opportunity!

National Rugby Coach


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Growth of expertise requires more.

Performance improvement requires less.