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About Simplify

The path to excelling as a high performer can feel like a giant, complex experiment, and most people only figure it out at the end of their careers.


Do you feel performance is a daily puzzle, that you are getting busier and busier yet are unsure of what really works? Do you worry that you are running out of time or feel you have more performance to give but are not sure how to get there? Then this book is for you.

Simplify unpacks a system that will help you accelerate faster and sooner, turning your high potential into high performance. You'll discover it is far more than training, tactics or technique. Going wider and deeper, the Simplify dashboard enables you to test and optimise your system.

The Author

Author, Richard Young has been involved with the preparation for nine Olympics. He has developed a performance learning programme to increase pinnacle event performance and been involved in sport innovation programmes in UK and New Zealand. This book is the result of his extensive interviews with medallists and non-medallists, their coaches and support staff.


Richard understands the systems that can make or break high performance and this book is his solution to optimising your game. Simplify is the system beneath exceptional performance that you can adapt to your context and performance.


The best performers are not just exceptional in sport, they have applied their high performance system to their lives.

And you can too.

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