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Sustained High Performance. 
Faster, lighter, more meaningful!

In high performance the medal matters,

but the beating heart that makes it happen is your performance system.

Sustained performance is a symptom of a healthy performance system.   


I have researched repeat medallists and their performance system and three systemic keys set them apart: strategic simplicity, role alignment, and performance wellbeing.


Learned skills to shift your performance world!

I help leaders and experts breakthrough.

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Experts have many blind spots. 
Masters have few. 
Discover yours and unleash your mastery.

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Know how to action and measure simplicity, alignment and wellbeing.  

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Deliver better medals, faster and lighter.  In the field, at work, at home!

How I can help

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Richard has designed and delivered programs for the following clients:
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Richard Young PhD – Mentor, Speaker, Author, Advisor 

Richard’s deep knowledge of people and performance has made him a highly sought after speaker, mentor and strategist.  


He has experience across 10 Olympic cycles across most roles (athlete, coach, leader, researcher).  He has won international gold medals, coached world champions, and created medal winning programmes for three countries across innovation, research, learning and leadership.  

Richard has a PhD in medical science and later focussed on uncovering the key differences between medallists and non-medallists, their coaches, technical staff, leaders and the system they are in.

Using his first hand experience of leading people and programmes to creating change for better performance he can make new high performance work for you.  In your own arena, at work, and at home!

Richards values are family, productivity, belonging, discovery and transformation.  He has been described as a ‘world class performance creator’.  Born in UK, raised in Canada, he lives in Dunedin, New Zealand with his four children (and dog Dougal).

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"Our performance has lifted as a result of working with Richard."

National Coach

"A powerful performance process facilitated expertly; I recommend working with Richard to find your performance advantage."

National Coach

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