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Performance Leadership

Faster, lighter, more meaningful!

In high performance the medal matters,

but the beating heart that makes it happen is your  performance system. 


'We don't rise to our goals, we fall to the level of our systems' (James Clear said this).  I help performance leaders declutter and accelerate! 


I have researched repeat medallists and their performance systems and three systemic keys set them apart: Simplicity, Alignment, Wellbeing.  


Strategic skills I use to transform your performance world!

I help leaders and experts declutter and breakthrough to a better system.

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Experts have many blind spots. 
Masters have few. 
Discover yours and unleash your mastery.

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Know how to action and measure simplicity, alignment and wellbeing.  

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Deliver better medals, faster and lighter.  In the field, at work, at home!

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16 May 2024

"Our performance has lifted as a result of working with Richard."

National Coach

"A powerful performance process facilitated expertly; I recommend working with Richard to find your performance advantage."

National Coach

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