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Deep Listening

In supporting leaders to create systems for sustained performance there is a core focus: Performance Communication. A medal is a symptom of healthy communication: with each other and with the moment.

For the senior leaders in sport and business I work with the 'medal' is very clear. We focus on the medal at home too. Work and Home are inseparable. And bringing all the best of your high performance to your home life is a key in sustained performance.

High performing with family and people we love takes a compassion and care with less 'edge'. High performance needs less 'edge' and better communication. If you can't high perform at home you may not have the pattern yet for sustained performance.

If you don't think High Peformance belongs at home then you may have an out dated definition of high performance.

For me high performance is used fully at home in how I communicate, listen, create and relate to my family. I know when I am a low performer! My kids let me know. And especially with kids I focus on parking my fix, help, solve and 'light listening' to give more space for deep listening.

Performance needs space. And listening is the space. We make better decisions more often. And we walk with a lighter step. The best performers communicate by listening more than they speak.

How are you today on the deep listening spectrum?


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