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The circle of performance wellbeing

As Liverpool FC soccer manager Jurgen Klopp put it: “We all feel, it’s not about me alone to fulfill the high expectations set for the team, we do it together. So, if I’m not perfect today, the other ones will step up and help.”

High performance is a symptom of strategic simplicity and systemic wellbeing. Wellbeing is both in the high performer and around them. There is no island in sustained high performance.

Performance wellbeing is a give and take of energy. We are not 'high performing' all the time. We are human with energy that moves in and out of us. Performance wellbeing is energy balance with purpose. We are not meditating in a cave but contributing and delivering, coping and adapting to whatever is in front of us. No matter what.

Sometimes that means relying on the wellbeing energy of the team, the system, and those around us. From research over five Olympic cycles, repeat medallists relied on simplicity and a circle of wellbeing.

Performance wellbeing done well is both in us and around us. How wide is the wellbeing circle in your world?


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