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The High bar in High Performance

High performers keep standards high. The know they can move current reality to meet their desired future. They focus on the Performance system not the medal. Results do not come from the height of the goals you set but the standard of the systems you follow.

As James Clear wrote: 'we do not rise to the level of our goals but fall to the level of our systems'. High Performing Systems win the game.

Low performers focus on goals. They often bring the goal downwards for the appearance of progress. Camouflage.

High performers know how to lift their system to reach their goals. They see their current reality and keep the bar high. They know their performance system will win the real game.

In other words; High performers pull the future to them. Low performers push the past away from them. When you feel the need to change goals there is usually a system-message reaching out to you. It may reveal a performance opportunity that is Gold.

Goals set direction. Systems create progress.

Where do you see the gold in your world?


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